Keli Media, one of the world's fastest growing digital content platforms, came to Red Antler for a complete overhaul of their brand and sub-properties. What we came up with was Jellysmack, a vibrant, kinetic, and a little obnoxious brand that would become a household name for every Gen-Z-er on the planet. Motion played an integral role from day one, a major consideration in everything from color, typography, logo design to that weird little "s" in the wordmark. They got so stoked that they commisioned the video above as a launch asset, and I got to make the whole thing myself.


Client: Jellysmack
Agency: Red Antler

Motion Director: Elias Stern
Design Director: Jenna Navitsky
Client Director: Eric Gerdts
Strategy Director: Molly Dwyer

Music: Graham Barton