Google Neighbourly

Partnered with Google again for the Mumbai launch Google Neighbourly, a hyperlocal  Q&A app for you and your neighbors. This project was a unique challenge since the brief went through multiple iterations, including a live-action shoot in India, an entirely distinct video about neighborhood landmarks, ultimately resolving in a spot about the beauty of neighbors who know, all while maintaining that token Google-y-ness. I had a great time researching, designing, and illustrating all the staples of a small Mumbai neighborhood, including scooters, street art, markets, and various local characters.


Client: Google
Agency: Red Antler

Motion Director: Elias Stern
Design Director: Josh Levi
Client Director: Haynes David
Strategy Director: Marni Kleinfield-Hayes

Illustration: Elias Stern, Peter Harp, Eddie Song, Tyler Wergin
Animation: Elias Stern, Peter Harp, Eddie Song, Tyler Wergin, Paul Imperio, Jonah Ainslie

Music / SFX: Ambrose Yu