Casper - Duvet

When I first joined Red Antler, one of my first tasks was reach out to our long-time collaborators to pitch the new offering. Casper came back with the odd request of creating a Kickstarter video for the Casper Duvet which they were already planning to launch later that year. Since this was my first piece of new business I took the job with glee and vowed to make the most beautiful, elegant video Kickstarter had ever seen. The video ultimately turned out nicely, and I had the added bonus of directing the first video totally produced in-house at Red Antler.

Client: Casper
Agency: Red Antler

Live Action / Motion Director: Elias Stern
Client Director: Beau Brown
Strategy Director: Marni Kleinfield-Hayes
Videographer / Editor: Jake Lane

Illustration / Animation: Jonah Ainslie, Elias Stern